The primary purpose of this website/blog is to hold me accountable for my actions relative to being well. For me, writing is therapeutic. For more information, click on “Healthier”.

The website’s secondary purpose is to entertain with images, most of which will come from my travels, and short stories. Entertainment (and sometimes knowledge) will also come from links to a friend’s tweets about the apiary in my backyard (hence the “BEE”), and the evil cat, Janet.

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Jim assures me the website is 75% fully developed. He will finish the process, then teach me how to maintain the site. I’m looking forward to getting the thing done. I’m planning to spend more time updating this website and less time playing games. I have so many stories and photographs to share. In addition, I’ll make sure Jim, soon to become a master beekeeper, includes links to his Victory Garden Apiary and to Janet.