June 9, 2020

Reopening the World

The world is reopening. At least, it is for me. A little. I’m back at work at the antique shop one day a week. It’s a good thing. Now, for a while at least, I’ll have five days a week with nothing on the schedule, and the “routine” thing is still working fine.

The weight thing, however, is NOT working fine. Seems I have found all the weight I lost before the middle of March’s shutdown. I am not happy about it, but I do nothing to change my bad habits. I need help. I’m NOT helping myself.

The main purpose of this website/blog is to help me grow up by sharing what I’m experiencing and getting help from others. But, there are no others reading this, apparently. I’m becoming disheartened with this effort. Should I continue with jettajeanreynolds.com or discontinue this project? I’m asking myself this question and carefully considering the answer. I can’t even figure out how to get paragraphs to show. This looks like one long paragraph. It’s very frustrating. I’m writing and publishing this cold. There was no previous draft and there is no editing. This is my raw, unvarnished thoughts.

Is anyone out there? How do I at least get paragraphs? Arrgghh!

written by Jetta Reynolds - Posted in Healthier