November 13, 2019

Getting Healthy

When I asked my daughter, “What is a character flaw of mine that others can see but I can’t see as clearly?” her instant response was “hypocrisy”. She said I’m a hypocrite. My car tag says, “Be Well”, she said, but I don’t make choices that enable me to be healthier. It was hard to hear, but within a week, I could see she was right.
For twenty years, I’ve tried to discipline myself and failed to become healthier in any of the ways I need. I’m trying something new now, (actually several things, both old and new), and I feel the need to be accountable to someone other than myself and God. This website will make me accountable to an infinitesimal part of the world. I’m hoping, at least, for the support of friends and family. 
When most people reach the age of 18, they think they’re “grown up”. By 21, we are sure we are adults. I was thirty years old when I realized I wasn’t done growing up. Now I believe we spend our whole lives learning, growing and growing up. As a retired “senior citizen”, I have time to learn how to “Be Well” in all ways as I continue to grow. Retirement is an unusual adjustment and period of growth.  I don’t believe my situation is unique, and if my struggles/experiences can help one other person, that’s a bonus. 
The accompanying image is a “before” picture of moi with the logo of one of the new things I’m doing to help me grow in wisdom and wellness. 


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written by Jetta Reynolds - Posted in Healthier